Of dirt you're made and of dirt you will return
name's martha. just hanging around ohio. on the awkward side. politics. feminism. human rights. fashion. coffee. vegetarian. studies. archaeology. harry potter. reading. vintage. cats. fun times. 20 years of age.
14:07 ruthbancroftgarden:

Polygala virgata and Acacia pendula #winningcombination (at Ruth Bancroft Garden)

Get Lucky (Daft Punk Cover) by Daughter
13:53 nathalielete:

my  new couple of chairs”monsieur Tulipe and Madame Marguerite”
with the great collaboration of Anthonis Cardew and Clement Poma.


D’you know what’s rly hard to do when ur house is empty?

Not masturbate

13:50 mutedfires:

i feel kinda bad because every time i reblog this i have one person in mind and it’s the same fucking person every time but this is literally the most perfect gif ever
13:49 gentle-narcissism:

Rainbow Forest